I first began my love affair with filmmaking at a young age, making movies with Legos and my dad’s Digital-8 camera.

Over the years, I’ve found two quotes that help guide my artistic aesthetic:

“Background makes foreground.”

While Robert Evans said this in reference to interior decorating and men’s fashion, I think it equally applies to filmmaking.  The parts should accentuate the whole, and not attract attention to themselves.  I strive not to create flashy, overly-beautiful images that take audiences out of the moment, but rather to create images that work together with the other parts of the film to visually tell and advance the story.

“Make it simple, but significant.”

Too much pomp and circumstance, and your intentions get lost in the noise. Too much subtlety and people will miss what you’re trying to do. Be direct and to the point.

I love to make pretty pictures, but what’s most exciting to me is collaborating with other talented people to make those pretty pictures and using them to tell a story for others to enjoy.

Call or email me and let’s make something together.