DMT Standard Operating Procedure

This is a follow-up to my post about Data Management and is a more detailed look at the procedure for DMTs to follow on set.

The same production company asked me to write this up for them, since on their smaller productions, they sometimes end up having someone inexperienced dumping cards.  They asked for a step-by-step guide, so that they could grab any person off the street and be confident that the cards would be copied correctly.  And while I don’t recommend doing that (and they would never actually do that), I think that they would be able to do that with this guide.

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Best Practices for Data Management

A while back, a production company I work with asked me to help them improve the way they backed up and managed the many terabytes of data their productions created.

The following is the procedure I suggested they implement.  Note that while this is written for smaller productions that will end up with only a single pair of cloned hard drives, it can be scaled for larger productions by simply applying the same principles to each pair of cloned hard drives.

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